Richard Jester

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Business/IT professional with 10+ years experience defining, designing, & optimizing complex data capture systems for private and public sector operations.

- Data Scientist, proven ability to research, analyze and summarize any data set with basic context

- Quick Learner, can read, comprehend and summarize any document in the English language, including legal documents

- Technical Writer, exceptional writing skills, high proficiency in Office with proven ability to reverse engineer data definitions, requirements & specifications

- Engaging Presenter, proven ability to effectively engage with a broad range of audiences

- Energetic Leader, tenacious, decisive, and highly organized with high context switch

- Tenacious Detective, with excellent critical thinking, debate & questioning skills

- Problem Solver, with a passion for efficiency, simplicity and eliminating waste.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Service Award
Business Professionals of America Delaware Association
2017, 2018