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Communication. Connection. Creativity. My passions revolve around these words. Beginning with my career in speech-language pathology and developing across communities and careers, these concepts have driven me.

Communication, a seemingly simple act, takes more attention, skill and focus than most give it credit for. A fragile thought requires nurturing. Carefully chosen words to shape its form. Listening requires selflessness. The ability to set aside your ego and agenda and live for a moment completely for another person. This gentle art intrigues and captures me.

Connection - the most basic of human needs. To feel a part of something. Connection provides purpose. Without purpose, life loses its shine. Connecting to others and connecting them to a purpose gives me my shine.

Creativity. I crave the ability to create like the fresh air in a forest. Whatever form it may take: writing, painting, sewing, finding a new way to complete a task that makes it just a little more special or efficient, finding just the right words to describe a program - I live for this.

Each of these sits at the core of who I am. No matter where I am or what my job title may be, these concepts will be present, driving me to new adventures. Making my piece of the world a better place.

Outside of work, I am a mixed media artist, poet, writer, yogini, hiker, runner and cyclist.