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Strategic Planning
Worked with 100+ nonprofit associations and charities to assist in strategic plan development and implementation services. Services often include most of the following:
• focus group data collection
• structured interviews
• facilitated board & staff retreats
• strategic plan development & documentation
• annual work plan development
• follow-up/follow-along for staff and board

Executive Coaching
Work with executive talent to maximize opportunities to make the most of their current work environment or transition to new work. We work on “soft skills” - communication styles, interpersonal relationships, and nonverbal messages that get in the way of success. Examples include:
• communication styles analysis & coaching
• consulting on specific work-related issues
• developing strategies for dealing successfully with employees, colleagues, and others
• career exploration
• interview technique
• resume assistance

Training & Facilitation
Presented 100+ workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, etc. Most featured various aspects of nonprofit sector management and governance, nonprofit organization board/staff roles and relationships, and team-building and professional development skills for individuals and groups. In addition to client-specific work, we have presented at numerous local, state, and regional conferences, as well as for national nonprofit professional assemblies. We have served for several years as adjunct faculty to several universities.

Worked on many kinds of collaborations and partnerships, from multi-organizational grant applications to the merger of health care clinics to 6 Girl Scout councils incorporated in two states (with members in four states). Worked to help alleviate stress between departments within large nonprofit organizations through a combination of group training, individual skills development, and counsel to involved parties and stakeholders.

Specialties: Strategic planning, training & facilitation, executive coaching, grantsmanship, executive leadership, board of directors roles & duties, nonprofit mergers, governance excellence, industry history & position, etc.